Sai Vishwanath Memorial Trust

"Sai Vishwanath Memorial Trust" was founded on the principles of inclusion and community! While as a society we have progressed a lot in terms of the rights for people who are marginalized, disadvantaged or differently abled, there still remains a long struggle. As a trust, we will strive to do our bit in terms of supporting the cause of the disadvantaged and underprivileged.

Sai Vishwanath Memorial Trust is involved with many organizations and initiatives working for the disadvantaged. We work on multiple aspects with these communities and are closely involved in various aspects like designing curriculum, teaching and training. With regards to the running program that we have helped the communities and organizations with, we have been working with children by training them for runs by designing schedules and also monitoring their workouts on a weekly basis. We see the whole process of training, knowing more about the human body, physiology etc., character building and participation as an integral part of their learning and life in the schools.

Our involvement in these initiatives has grown beyond ‘running’ and we raise substantial amount of funds for medical needs, education and various other aspects for the empowerment of the disadvantaged. We hope to be instrumental in changing the lives of children and adults from disadvantaged communities.

Going forward,

- We hope to do our bit to ensure more and more of the disadvantaged get a chance to be a equal part of the society. Our sincere hope is that sports and running spreads the message of equality and togetherness
- We hope to sustain this community that has been founded on philanthropy and empathy for each other
- We hope to inspire more such communities that can make a difference and bring smiles in many lives
- We hope to be a part of a differently abled athletes’ revolution in India. We need to strive to get the attention and dignity that differently abled athletes deserve in this country.
- We hope to meet any needs that can empower the children and the communities we are involved with
- We hope to help in the area of education, health and sustainable development

We are all on a journey. Every day is a step forward. We have made considerable progress with the trust and the communities. Dreams are not meant to be fulfilled, but they keep evolving and take flight. Our community - the children we work with, the teachers, staff of the organisations, the runners and all those who are associated with us will together take our dreams further.

In our endeavours with raising funds for the various partner organizations and in creating sustainable programs, we found a need to create a trust for the philanthropic activities, keeping in mind the long term nature of our involvement. My brother, Sai Vishwanath passed away in 2015 at Scotland when on a work assignment. He was supportive of our initiatives and was passionate about helping the disadvantaged. We have now created a trust in the memory of my brother - "Sai Vishwanath Memorial Trust" to ensure his generosity, love and affection lives on in many different forms.

Some information on the trust:
1 The trustees of the trust include -
    a. Mr. Santhosh Padmanabhan - Managing Trustee
    b. Mr. P.V.Padmanabhan - Trustee
    c. Ms. Asha Vishwanath - Trustee
    d. Ms. Laxmi Arvind - Trustee
2. All our philanthropic activity will now be carried out under the auspices of this trust.
3. We will also accept donations in the name of this trust.